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Monthly window cleaning is the most popular frequency chosen and is what we would recommend. Just like your dentist would recommend cleaning your teeth twice a day to keep your teeth in their best condition and looking their best we would recommend having your windows frames and sills cleaned monthly. Monthly cleaning ensures equal quantity of cleans each season. Your glass will only just be starting to look dirty before we visit again to bring everything back to tip top. Each clean is cheaper as less dirt is there to clean away and subsequently your windows will stay in much better condition for years to come.

At Swash we aim to provide a professional service that is easy to set up and easy to live with.

We have made things super simple, monthly window cleaning for all your windows, frames sills and doors. To ensure outstanding reliability and quality we are laser focused on providing just that.

Naturally occurring minerals and hard water deposits found in tap water. These contaminants include limescale, calcium and copper which leave white spotting on glass just as chalky deposits are found in kettles and washing machines. These are all hard water deposits present in our drinking water. Pure water is just ordinary tap water that goes through an intensive filtration process which removes all of this contamination.

So when we heat this and and use this water to clean your windows, frames, sills and doors… Everything including the glass drys absolutely clear. As our water is heated as well as purified we are confident it is the absolute best to ensure the best cleaning on possible.

What is water fed pole window cleaning and how does it leave my windows clean?

As the name suggests, your windows are cleaned using a pole with water. The pole utilises a special brush specifically designed for cleaning windows and the water is purified and sometimes heated to obtain better results with less force. Combine the two and you have water fed pole window cleaning.

With the right technique, a window cleaner using this equipment can clean your windows up to a height of 60 feet safely from the ground.

In principle, your frames, windows and sills are scrubbed with the brush on the pole whilst being fed a constant flow of hot pure water. This process releases all the dirt from your windows, frames and sills ready for rinsing so they are left with only droplets of pure water.

The end result is a complete window unit with no dirt and only pure water droplets left on it ready to dry and leave you with a cleaner home.

  • We collect payment using Gocardless. Only once we have sent you an invoice after a clean your payment is collected by directdebit on our behalf. For active service you need to have this set up and can do this easily here
  • As part of your service we include an automated access reminder sms sent at 6pm the evening before each clean. (This cant be replied to to reschedule or cancel a clean).
  • We are as vigilant as possible to keep to the same week each month. From time to time weather and holidays can sometimes affect the week your cleaning falls on, however we will always let you know if your cleaning changes it’s regular week due to the above.
  • If you want to cancel a clean please try to provide at least 1 cleans notice. So we have time to re adjust our round. We cannot cancel cleans with less than 24 hours notice.
  • We offer a free 48 re-clean guarantee if there’s ever a problem let us know within 48 hours to arrange a re-clean.
  • We reserve the right to leave windows where access is restricted due to dog mess.
  • By using our services you agree to the above.

Hot water adds an extra edge when it comes to window cleaning. The fact our water is hot when it’s rinsing your windows means the dirt is softened and released from the surface it has bonded to. This means less physical force is required to scrub it off. Meaning cleaner windows with less abrasion and wear.

Hot water is proven to dry sooner this means the time you need to wait between wet windows to clean and clear windows is less! Hurray!

Hot water removes more dirt. Some soiling just won’t come of when scrubbed with cold water even pure oil grease that gets stained in will not come out. Hot water is proven to be able to absorb soften release and remove this much more effectively.

The benefits of hot water will mean your windows will last longer looking cleaner for many more years. Saving you money by keeping those windows without replacing them after built ho dirt has left them looking sorry.

At Swash Window Cleaning we understand the need to shine through the crowds and make us the clearest choice in your search for a window cleaner.