£20 Cash Back Communication Guarantee

Windows, Frames, Sills & Doors

We Include Sills!

Hot Water Used On EVERY Clean

SMS Notification The Evening Before Every Clean

48 Hour Free Re Clean Guarantee


Direct Debit Collection AFTER Your Cleaning

15 Min SMS Notification When We’re On Route

Uniformed Staff

Fully Insured

15 Min SMS Notification When We’re On Route

Above All 5 Star Service

At Swash we’re passionate about helping residential homeowners keep their windows clean. We believe life needs to be simple and easy! No one likes to go outside and clean their own windows. Specially when there’s so much more to be doing!

So If you live in Essex then we’ve got you covered…

Getting a quote can also be a nightmare. That’s why we have created this easy way to get a window cleaning quote online.

Feel free to use the form here to see what your monthly window cleaning would cost in seconds. You can even submit your quote and schedule a booking in call. You choose the time and we’ll call you.

This handy widget allows you to get a quote online by specifying your house type, size and additional features.

You will find there are no options for anything other than monthly because that enables us to be more reliable than all the rest… Shhh don’t tell anyone our secret.

Because we only provide monthly service we are able to provide you with the most reliable service possible. Regular cleaning is also a lot better for your windows. It also means you may find our prices are great value. Try to compare our service to any other and your likely find no one else compares.

Who else provides a 48 hour free re-clean guarantee AND a an accountability guarantee whereby they’ll pay you out £20 if they are a week late without notice!

Has getting a window cleaner ever been such a convenient no brainer? We’ll that’s for you to show us!

We have been cleaning windows for nearly 10 years. Did you know that adds up to around half a million windows cleaned, now thats a lot of windows. After this much window cleaning we found we’re not just cleaning windows. We are ensuring your home is cleaned to a great quality and in a way that adds convenience to your life.