Driveway Cleaning Service in Colchester

We hope we can help by being the Professional driveway cleaning service in Colchester you have been searching for.

Our Driveway cleaning prices range from £1.00 Per M2 for pressure cleaning only up to £10.00 Per M2 including Sanding and Sealing (Dependant upon type of surface, soiling and drainage).

With years of experience and powerful pressure cleaning equipment we can get your driveway as clean as it will ever be again. 

Other companies may leave more problems than they solve when it comes to pressure cleaning however we want to assure you our pressure cleaning services are different...

When your karcher isn't powerful enough to clean your driveway anymore it's time to call in the professionals. At swash pressure cleaning we have powerful commercial pressure cleaning equipment with 2 to 3 times the power of a typical domestic pressure washer. This means with our experience we are able to clean your driveway, path, patio or decking to standards you wouldn't expect and reveal a safe useable outdoor area for you to enjoy once more.

We have a 10 step cleaning process proven to ensure you the best job possible each visit we make year after year.

1. We survey and clear the area that needs pressure cleaned ensuring we have a plan for where the soiled water can drain away too.

2. With a cleaning plan at hand we set up our pressure washing equipment and sort out connecting to a suitable water supply to feed the pressure cleaner and arrange the trailing hoses safely to where they need to go with safety signage posted as required to warn pedestrians.

3. Grates are installed on drains to prevent muck causing potential blockages in your drainage system.

4. We commence pressure cleaning the area. We increase the pressure incrementally in order to ensure the best possible clean without damaging your surface.

5. We stop at suitable intervals to allow for drainage and tidy up between cleaning. This allows us to manage the build up of muck in small chunks further reducing this risk of blockages and unnecessary mess.

6. Once surfaces have been pressure washed, removing hard stained on soiling, we then rinse down any affected fencing, windows, frames, sills, doors and garden features.

7. The pressure washed surfaces are finally then rinsed off from high points to the lowest point removing the last remaining traces of dirt from the rinsing down process and splash back in the pressure washing process.

8. Grates and muck built up above them are removed and the area is rinsed down.

9. We pack up our equipment and hoses and clean down any affected windows with purified water.

10. We replace all garden furniture pots and features back to their original positions.

With a process as detailed as this I have still omitted several aspects of our proprietary cleaning method. I am sure most would agree that we would do a great job of cleaning their driveway or Monoblock.


Driveway Cleaning Colchester and Stanway

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  • We WILL drains are clear as they were before we came.
  • We WILL NOT leave walls, fences, plant pots, windows covered in dirt
  • We WILL NOT add any hidden charges for removing waste
  • We WILL ensure we do everything we can to minimise any water / dirt affecting neighbours ground and clean up all collateral soiling.
  • We WILL ensure you have a written quotation and copies of our public liability insurance
  • We WILL ensure neighbours are notified a week in advance that we will be coming to provide your cleaning to apologise in advance for the noise of our machinery and assure them that if any of their property might be affected we will will clear it up. ​
We provide our pressure cleaning throughout all of Essex. This Inlcudes ChelmsfordBasildonWickfordSouthend, LeighWestcliffBasildonHullbridgeRochfordRayleighWithamColchesterStanwayRamsdenRettendon and more.
Driveway Cleaning Colchester and Stanway